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At Orton Farmers' Market over 25 local farmers, growers, producers & artisan craftsmen offer a tremendous variety of high quality and speciality local produce and crafts
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Orton Farmers Market Why Support

Why support

Farmers' Markets?

Supporting local farmers helps sustain local communities...


Other benefits are:

  • Self-help for local & small farmers
  • Improves/ maintains biodiversity
  • Makes local foods available
  • Reduces environmental impacts
  • Creates rural/urban links
  • Creates town/  city centre regeneration
  • Other retailers/food outlets benefit
  • Awareness of farming, seasonality
  • Fresher, locally grown foods available
  • Organic/ environmental issues
  • Social - improves community spirit
  • Adds to tourism
  • Can be self-sustaining
  • Links with many climate change objectives

What makes Orton Farmers' Market special?


Orton Farmers' Ltd (which is our trading name) is a member of FARMA and we operate within their guidelines.  The market is certified (by annual inspection) with FARMA credentials and run strictly in accordance with the farmers' market principles. Orton Farmers' Market is a third of the Eden Farmers Market Network

Our Core Rules and Policy - [here]

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Direct all enquiries and questions to Leanne on 07969 335598

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