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NEXT MARKET Saturday 9th December 2023

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Orton Farmers’ Limited was set up as a community enterprise company and has been operating as an accredited monthly Farmers’ Market in Orton since 2001, winning the National Farmers’ Market of the Year Award in 2005.

The Market happens on the second Saturday of every month and can include up to 30 different stallholders, all of them coming from within a 50 mile radius of Orton and many of them from the immediate community, including local farmers.

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Core rules of Orton Farmers Market

  • Orton Farmers' Market defines local as 50 miles from the market
  • The majority of producers attending Orton Farmers’ Market will come from within this area 
  • All of the produce on offer will have been grown, raised, caught or processed (using local ingredients) by the producer 
  • The producer or someone involved in production will be present at the stall and able to answer questions about the produce on offer, e.g. methods of production

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The full rules and more general information are available on request from the market manager, Leanne Duerden on 07969335598 or email info@ortonfarmers.co.uk  

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Direct all enquiries and questions to Leanne on 07969 335598

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